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Do you want to take control of your business?

These courses have been developed to increase your knowledge of Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Giving you the tools to run your own campaigns and improve their performance.

These courses will empower you to manage your own ads.

Not sure how online advertising can work for you?

Google Ads 121 Course - £150
  • Understand the mechanics of how the bidding auction works
  • Create campaigns and ad groups with a full understanding of the different settings
  • Choose the right keyword match types and use them to ensure you efficiently capture all relevant searches
  • Write compelling ad copy and implement all the basic ad extensions at your disposal
  • Pull reports and execute standard imitation techniques in order to improve the performance of a campaign i.e. keyword mining and bid adjustment
Facebook Ads 121 Course - £150
  • Setup a Facebook campaign within Facebook ads manager
  • Design and build an effective ad
  • Understand campaign performance within ads manager
  • How The Facebook Pixel to optimise your campaigns
  • How Facebook ads can help you achieve different business objectives
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Facebook Ads 121 Course

Online Social Media Course

Google Ads 121 Course

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