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Online Social Media Course


Want to boost sales in 2020? Not sure how or if social media could help?

Need advice and guidance in creating your Social Media Strategy for 2020?

We’ve done the hard work for you.

By the end of the course you will have a fully functioning social media marketing strategy tailored to your business, in just 3 hours.

We will be covering the following topics in our course modules

Define your goals for 2020 – Messaging – Social Media Platforms, which to use and how to use them – Content: what to post, why and when – Analyse past social media performance – Create your strategy: let’s get planning – Listen, engage
 and automate – Get going: it’s time to put the planning to work


Digital marketing is a way to build your brand online and help your ideal customers understand who you are, what you stand for, and why they should learn more about you or buy from you.

The real success behind social marketing is that it allows businesses to connect with potential customers in a personal way.


– Increase brand awareness

Want to grow your business? Brand awareness is essential. The more people who know about your brand, the more of your product or service you’ll sell.

Social Media is the perfect place to reach targeted potential customers and increase your brand awareness. 60% of Instagram users say they discover new products/services on the platform.


– Keep you relevant and on the top of their minds

Social media users generally log into their accounts at least once a day. 51% of Facebook users say they check the platform several times a day. Keeping your content entertaining and informative will keep your business at the forefront of their minds.


– Generate leads

Being present on social media is an easy way to get your business known to potential customers. If you think that 90% of top decision-makers say they never respond to cold calls, but according to the latest studies 76% of buyers are ready to have a conversation on social media, then this shows how social media can give your business the ability to focus on those highly qualified leads.


– Reputation management

Brand representation is crucial to a successful business and social media is the perfect place to highlight many aspects of your brand. What do customers find when they research your company? Make use of your social media account and the impact it has on both existing and prospective clients.

If any of the above resonates with you then book today.

We will be covering the following topics in our course modules

  1. Define your goals for 2020
  2. Messaging
  3. Social Media Platforms – which to use and how to use them
  4. Content – what to post, why and when
  5. Analyse past social media performance
  6. Create your strategy – let’s get planning
  7. Listen, engage
 and automate
  8. Get going – it’s time to put the planning to work

5 reviews for Online Social Media Course

  1. Vicki Hayward – Longfield Hospice

    Rosie has recently headed up a complete overhaul of our charities website. From design, content and execution to the delivery of the project. Working collaboratively with us as Rosie helped us to realise our vision. She continues to support us with our marketing and website. We’d be happy to recommend Rosie to anyone looking for expert brand and website content. Thank you Rosie.

  2. Beth Daniels

    Rosie has new and fresh initiatives, which have had excellent results. Her approach to marketing a business is exciting and forward-thinking. She has a good strategy which achieves results.

  3. Hannah Smith

    Absolutely amazing ..Making my vision become a reality.
    She was always coming up with new ideas and had total understanding of what I wanted to achieve.
    Highly recommend ⭐️

  4. Sali Wij Green – Cheltenham Lifestyle & Business and iwork4uglos

    Rosie delivered a fantastic Marketing Strategy Workshop for a group of my Business Club members and everyone benefited so much from it. She answered all questions and kept it all interesting and fast flowing, with tips that local business owners can easily implement for themselves. The Online Marketing Course is a complete guide to Social Media Marketing.

  5. Jerry Rhodes

    Rosie gave me the confidence and tools to do social media well. Her professional knowledge and experience, coupled with her abundant energy and friendly assurance, has been a joy.

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